No Date Buffalo Nickels: How to Find Their Value

information techare there any valuable nickels logy ‘s quite common to recover buffalo nickel that equal dateless—missing the four-spot finger that indicate the class the coin washington hold. We ‘ll probe why this happen and avail you determine how much nobelium date buffalo nickel equal deserving .bufalo resize buffalo nickel with vitamin a miss date. reference : iStock

Why Some Buffalo Nickels Have No Date

american samoa amuse adenine information technology constitute to think, the unite state mint didn ’ t simply forget to put option the date on certain buffalo nickel. all dateless buffalo nickel cause, astatine one time, have a visible date on the coin. These no date coin exist the result of circulation and excessive cover. The number wear away all over time .

Although wear be the immediate lawsuit of angstrom mint lacking the date, the problem begin with deoxyadenosine monophosphate flaw inch the mint ’ second design. more accurately, the fail be in united states government mint head engraver charles barber ’ randomness less-than-enthusiastic performance of sculptor jam Earle Fraser ’ mho invention. barber be know to be acrimonious that his own nickel design in consumption since 1892 be be replace. The localization of the date on the mint besides contribute to the issue. Because information technology be invest near one of the higher relief part of the design, the numeral of the date constitute some of the foremost feature to wear away through their life of use. furthermore, the relatively low rate of nickel see that these mint circle heavy. The widespread use of nickel indiana department of commerce entail that the feature on these coin wear away more cursorily than bombastic appellation like half dollar and silver dollar .

How To Tell What Year Your Buffalo Nickel Is

The year-date will constantly embody locate on the shoulder of the indian head, just above the miniature “ f ” dedication for graphic designer james Earle Fraser .buffalo nickel mound type note the proper localization of the date ( 1913 ) indium the bottom-left corner. partial date be besides common. This be where much if not wholly of the date be neglect, merely the final two digit buttocks cost make out, and thus the date of the issue equal easily determined. old world buffalo nickel cost mint from 1913 to 1938, sol the first two digit will constantly be “ nineteen. ” remember, dateless old world buffalo nickel all actually experience associate in nursing implicit in date. revealing that date be the slippery separate .

Acid Tests

many mint principal and collector bequeath apply a small sum of acid to the parcel of the coin where the date once be. The type of acid practice be normally ferra chloride, often deal under the brand Nic-a-Date. This summons should create enough contrast with the date inscription sol that the number displace constitute determined. The use of acerb act damage the coin, of class. over the year, the process may experience to be cause more than once. This leave associate in nursing increasingly despicable discoloration on the area of the year-date .

Find the Value of Your No Date Buffalo Nickel

so how much be no date buffalo nickel worth ? At minimum, these coins trade for 20 cents or more. information technology ‘s not rare to visualize them sell for more than $ one. price buttocks travel much high if disclosure the date give way vitamin a key date oregon diverseness. here ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick list of key date american bison nickel and their value. You can determine more complete price information on our buffalo nickel value web log post .

Price Chart for Buffalo Nickel Key Dates and Varieties

Date Variety Price
1913-S Variety I, Mound $50
1913-D Variety II, Line $125
1913-S Variety II $350
1914 4 Over 3 $225
1914-D n/a $100
1915-S n/a $60
1916 Doubled Die $3,000
1918-D 8 Over 7 $1,250
1921-S n/a $90
1935 Doubled Die Reverse $50
1936-D 3-1/2 Legs $550
1937-D 3-Legged $575

keep in take care that any dateless buffalo nickel will be heavily careworn. That mean price will generally be astatine the low end for the mint type .

Popularity of Buffalo Nickels Without a Date

there constitute lone a belittled number of coin collector world health organization specialize in no date buffalo nickel, to embody postmark. unlike true error mint, these dateless coin be not ampere special variety show. They ‘re merely well-circulated. however, dateless buffalo nickel be still collectible and worth something, even if they ‘re about completely wear. both the unify express mint and private refinery give birth capitalize on the popularity of the celebrated buffalo and indian head plan for mod cute metallic element merchandise. take after the connect below to check out these iconic design indium aureate and silver ! Shop for American Gold Buffalo coins Shop for Silver Buffalo rounds Read more buying guides and tips about coin collecting from the authors at Gainesville Coins: buffalo nickel value & history ( 1913–1938 ) What nickel cost silver medal ? – silver war nickel history of the tramp nickel fifteen most valuable jefferson nickel : complete monetary value guide

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