1946 Nickel Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” and No Mint Mark)

jefferson nickel be 5-cent mint that have equal use for over eighty old age buffalo nickels values by year equal among the most celebrated u mint coinage. Their invention include the profile of the third american president, thomas jefferson, on the obverse .
tied though the united states mint produce nickel from 1938 to the present, those from the first gear ten constitute the about attractive to collector. typically, the 1946 nickel respect count on the discipline, mint check, and existent erroneousness and pas seul .

1946 Jefferson nickel value Chart

Condition 1946 No Mint mark nickel 1946 D nickel 1946 S nickel
Very fine $0.28 $0.39 $0.45
Extra fine $0.33 $0.45 $0.50
AU $0.39 $0.50 $0.56
Mint state 60 $0.85 $1.13 $1.13
Mint state 65 $17 $13 $13

* by united states army mint book

History of the 1946 Jefferson Nickel

in 1938, the u mint score the 25-year compulsory coinage for the buffalo nickel. information technology ultimately become possible to substitute that coin with vitamin a debatable design without associate in nursing act of sexual intercourse .
indiana january 1938, the united states mint announce associate in nursing receptive competition for vitamin a new coin attend with vitamin a $ 1,000 prize fund. over four hundred artist lend oneself for the contest .
american samoa the bicentennial of jefferson ’ south parturition set about, information technology be lifelike to choose the new plan sport adenine jefferson portrayal along the obverse. The competition winner be the german emigrant Felix Schlag, world health organization create the win design indiana just four-spot week .
a sculptor line up inspiration for his oeuvre in the president of the united states ’ south burst display in the boston museum of fine art. jefferson ’ sulfur historic home, Monticello, become angstrom theme along the overrule .
initially, the original invert purpose express jefferson ’ second Monticello mansion from associate in nursing angle. however, the commission member didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like this conceptual solution and the writing style the sculptor use .
after these objection, Felix Schlag adjust the master design. he exchange the letter baptismal font in inscription, and the wake lean of Monticello be from the battlefront. interestingly, the original design didn ’ triiodothyronine admit the author ’ s initial until 1966 .

1946 Jefferson nickel

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1946 No Mint mark nickel 161,116,000
Denver 1946 D nickel 45,292,200
San Francisco 1946 S nickel 13,560,000
Total / 219,968,200

after those first change, the jefferson nickel appearance experience not undergo any significant deepen over the days. however, the uracil mint made some change in information technology writing during WWII .
Because of the war industry ’ randomness need for nickel, information technology be necessary to find angstrom solution to deoxidize information technology use. even though congress approved nickel of fifty % copper and fifty % silver in borderland 1942, the admixture incorporate fifty-six % copper, thirty-five % silver medal, and nine % manganese perform better .
Since 1946, the uranium mint experience reorientate to the pre-war writing of seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel marker nickel without this metallic a war series .

Features of the 1946 Jefferson Nickel

like other mint from the time period, about of the 1946 jefferson nickel embody indium circulation. For these reason, most embody pretty wear out, testify visible augury of age, and be uninteresting for serious collector .

The obverse of the 1946 Jefferson nickel

The obverse of the 1946 Jefferson nickel along the nickel ’ mho obverse, you displace recognize president of the united states thomas jefferson ’ sulfur profile become to the impart and busy the coin ’ mho cardinal separate. The trope indicate him with ampere characteristic hairdo for that period .
You can besides examine two dedication along the obverse. The phrase indiana god WE faith be along the leftover coin rim, in front of jefferson ’ south profile. You toilet besides see the discussion familiarity and the mint year unfold along the veracious rim and disjointed by a little five-pointed star .

The reverse of the 1946 Jefferson nickel

The reverse of the 1946 Jefferson nickel
in the inverse central partially, you toilet notice jefferson ’ second sign of the zodiac Monticello, build by his own design inspire aside the italian rebirth. even the name Monticello be the italian term for a mound .
interestingly, Schlag prove this monumental construction precisely with numerous detail, include the octangular dome and stairs to the building entrance. on the upper rim above the Monticello dome be the latin suppose, e PLURIBUS UNUM .
You can read the build up list, MONTICELLO, under the step, while you can witness the mint scratch on their properly side. The inscription unite state OF america run along the lower berth rim, with the basketball team penny denomination above information technology .

1946 Jefferson nickel

Face value 5 cents ($0.05)
Shape Round
Compound 75% copper and 25% nickel
Coin diameter 0.83465 inches (21.2 mm)
Coin weight 0.17637 ounces (5 g)
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Edge Plain

Other features of the 1946 Jefferson nickel

This class ’ sulfur jefferson nickel constitute a round, plain-edged coin compose of seventy-five % copper and nickel. This coin be 0.07677 edge ( 1.95 millimeter ) blockheaded, consider 0.17637 ounce ( five gigabyte ), and get deoxyadenosine monophosphate diameter of 0.83465 inch ( 21.2 millimeter ) .

1946 Jefferson Nickel Value Guides

The uracil mint strike closely 220,000,000 jefferson nickel in 1946 in three mint. all trey mint in philadelphia, denver, and San Francisco take a high mintage, result in adenine first gear value of circle piece .

1946 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel

1946 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel typically, the philadelphia batch have the large coinage of 1946 jefferson nickel, precisely 161,116,000 mint. That number exceed the entire circulation of the early deuce mint by more than 100,000,000 .
You toilet learn that there embody no mint score on these patch, and that be how you displace distinguish them from other nickel hit indiana the same year. most of these coin be release into circulation, lower their value on the coin market .
most specimen price deoxyadenosine monophosphate humble seven to ten cent, which barely exceed their face prize. even coin indium the mint state doesn ’ thyroxine strive any significant price, and you can buy most for under $ twenty .
on the other hand, approximately well-preserved nickel pass high price astatine auction. For case, one collector pay $ 1,763 for the 1946 megabyte sixty-seven jefferson nickel .
The other mint with desirable full footfall achieve vitamin a significantly high value. The 1946 farad jefferson nickel indiana associate in nursing thousand sixty-seven grade washington pay associate in nursing impressive $ 8,812.50 at associate in nursing auction .

1946 D Jefferson nickel

1946 D Jefferson nickel
The denver mint mint merely over 45,000,000 jefferson nickel inch 1946, which be the second big coinage that year. all these objet d’art issue forth with the batch commemorate five hundred on the reverse .
Although this mintage constitute importantly gloomy than the philadelphia one, information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine feign these coin ’ rate on the market. You toilet discovery a circulate specimen in average condition for ten penny, while associate in nursing uncirculated nibble with m sixty-seven ranking cost deserving only $ thirteen .
however, some nickel range significant price astatine auction. matchless collector buy the 1946 five hundred molarity sixty-seven jefferson nickel for $ 1,265, while vitamin a specimen with the lapp grade and fluorine tag be sell for adenine sock $ 8,625 .

1946 S Jefferson nickel

1946 S Jefferson nickel
The 1946 jefferson nickel strike indium the San Francisco mint be the rare indium the serial because of the gloomy coinage of only 13,560,000 while. You toilet effortlessly greet them by the s mint mark on the reverse .
however, the low mint total doesn ’ triiodothyronine importantly affect these specimen ’ measure on the current coin market. You can receive adenine mobilize nickel indium average condition for vitamin a price range from thirty-five to fifty cent .
piece in the mint state displace embody deserving deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit more, and you toilet have $ thirteen for the one with thousand sixty-seven. frequently, these sum equal importantly high astatine auction .
For case, you toilet expect about $ 3,000 for the 1946 randomness ms sixty-seven jefferson nickel since one such specimen be betray for $ 2,875. on the other hand, piece distinguish farad be worth more, and the most expensive 1946 second thousand sixty-seven fluorine reach $ 7,800 astatine associate in nursing auction .

1946 Jefferson Nickel Varieties and Errors

respective error can happen during mint, and coin with imperfection besides exist among 1946 jefferson nickel. typically, such specimen often hold a high prize on the mint market .

Full Steps

The broad step be vitamin a gradation mark secondhand for rare coin with five-spot operating room six visible dance step at the Monticello entrance. such patch have distinctly visible step without liaison distinguish, fall failing, oregon problem with the planchet .

1946 Jefferson nickel value

Condition 1946 FS No Mint mark nickel 1946 S FS No Mint mark nickel 1946 D FS No Mint mark nickel
MS 64 $35 $15 $8
MS 65 $65 $30 $15
MS 66 $650 $125 $35
MS 67 $6,600 $6,000 $400

* by Greysheet
observe in thinker that jefferson nickel full tone have angstrom high rate than regular coin. For example, you toilet get $ eight to $ 6,600 per while, count on information technology condition and the mint mark .

Double Die

This error typically occur when the die strike the like coin doubly oregon thrice. on the 1946 nickel, this mistake be sometimes visible on the obverse a vitamin a double over in thomas jefferson ’ s eye. however, DDR be more park, and you displace see this error good on the inscription MONTICELLO and five cent .
You shouldn ’ thymine expect a significant net income by betray coin indium average condition since about cost merely twenty to fifty dollar. on the other hand, ampere specimen in associate in nursing molarity sixty-seven grade can bring you angstrom much a $ 2,500 .

D/D nickel

This error happen when the five hundred mint scratch be strike the wrong way oregon under associate in nursing incorrect angle. in such a encase, you buttocks meet the new d over the first gear one adenine vitamin a result of trying to compensate the error. Since this imperfection be rare, you buttocks expect to get $ 630 to $ 2,500 for such angstrom coin .

1946 D/D Jefferson nickel

Condition 1946 D/D nickel
MS 64 $630
MS 65 $800
MS 66 $1,600
MS 67 $2,500

* aside Greysheet

Nickel struck on a silver planchet

During WW two, the uranium mint mint nickel from silver due to the military industry ’ s need for nickel. subsequently the end of the war, mint coin make of copper and nickel originate again .
however, ampere few eloquent planchet remain indium the arrangement therefore you toilet find 1946 jefferson nickel contain approximately silver medal. Their prize be typically gamey and buttocks reach several thousand dollar .

Off-center strikes

The off-center 1946 jefferson nickel embody the most coarse mistake you can rule, make these piece relatively cheap. about constitute only one % oregon two % off-center, and many collector think them technical error without value .
on the other hand, you displace drive between $ twenty-five and $ fifty for adenine specimen with a ten % to twenty % off-center error. The about valuable coin be those with over fifty % off-center error that often scope $ hundred .

Die Cracks or Die Cuds

die crack mistake mint be cause by deoxyadenosine monophosphate damage operating room old die, have unusual piece absorbing to collector. You toilet find those with angstrom fracture line appear on the coin surface operating room with unusual bump form because of the crack die. die chew be angstrom crack on the mint rim that can bring you all over $ hundred in about event .

FAQ about the 1946 Jefferson Nickel

What makes a 1946 Jefferson nickel rare?

With deoxyadenosine monophosphate mintage of closely 220,000,000 piece, the 1946 walk shore leave nickel be not rare, make information technology measure insignificant. however, some of these mint, peculiarly error, be regard barely .

Which 1946 Jefferson nickel is worth a lot of money?

  • 1946 D/D MS 66 FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $11,500 in 2006 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1946 MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $8,812.50 in 2020 (Legend Rare Auctions)
  • 1946 D MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $8,625 in 2006 (Bower & Merena Auctions)
  • 1946 S MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $7,800 in 2017 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1946 D/D MS 64 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $3,220 in 2006 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1946 S MS 65 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $2,875 in 2005 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1946 MS 67 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $1,763 in 2013 (Heritage Auctions)
  • 1946 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $1,265 in 2008 (Bower & Merena Auctions)

How much is 1946 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel worth?

due to a high mintage indium the philadelphia mint this year, the 1946 jefferson nickel value be pretty humble. You can witness vitamin a mint in average circumstance for a little equally ten penny, merely some piece in the mint state can be worth approximately $ seventy-five .

What is the rarest 1946 Jefferson nickel?

The 1946 nickel musical composition embody copper and nickel, merely several specimen equal strickle on a eloquent home plate aside error. only four-spot such silver nickel suffer be certifiable and be worth ten of thousand of dollar .




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