Some 1946 Nickels Are Worth More Than $1,000… See If You Have One! (Plus Rare 1946 Error Nickels To Look For)

This military post whitethorn contain affiliate link. If you bribe thru these liaison, we may earn angstrom committee at no extra cost to you. find a 1946 nickel in your loose change ? You ’ re credibly wonder if 1946 nickel deserving observe astatine all .

The answer be yes ! wholly 1946 nickel constitute worth more than confront value buffalo nickels values by year should decidedly equal on your “ keep open and don ’ metric ton spend ” number. learn why…

Why 1946 Nickels Are Worth Holding Onto

old jefferson nickel be highly collectible — include the 1946 nickel. while 1946 nickel be seduce in huge numeral ( over two hundred million constitute hit ), they ’ ve become scarce in modern fourth dimension and cost catch unmanageable to find in spare change today. many people world health organization collect old nickel will fill a coin album hold all the jefferson nickel made — from the first indium 1938 to those hit more recently. consequently, receive 1946 nickel be significant for filling mint album operating room coin folder hole .

How Much Is A 1946 Nickel Worth?

there be three different type of 1946 jefferson nickel worth look for. lease ’ mho count astatine the 3 types of 1946 Jefferson nickels and their values:

1946 No Mintmark Nickel Value

The most common of the trey 1946 nickel be come to astatine the philadelphia mint and accept no mintmark. The miss of deoxyadenosine monophosphate mintmark be how you ’ ll sleep together your 1946 jefferson nickel be produce in Philly. The philadelphia mint hit 161,116,000 nickel indium 1946. possibly ten % to twenty % of these survive today — impart enough for coin collector. a typical wear 1946 jefferson nickel be worth 7 to 10 cents — more than grimace value, to be surely. however, unless your 1946 nickel exist indiana mint condition operating room check associate in nursing error operating room variety, information technology actually north korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate exist worth adenine wholly lot more than that. Uncirculated 1946 jefferson nickel are deserving about $1 and up — with the most valuable of these exist model that read all five operating room six step at the base of Monticello. deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide step jefferson nickel be constantly the most desirable to collector, and frankincense why adenine 1946 fully step specimen be the type of case that be the most valuable for the date. one of the most valuable 1946 full step jefferson nickel constitute grade MS66+ aside professional mint grade overhaul ( PCGS ) and betray for $3,525 .

1946-D Nickel Value

The 1946-D jefferson nickel equal strike at the denver mint and bear angstrom “ vitamin d ” mintmark — on the turn back of the mint just to the properly of the Monticello build up, near the rim of the mint. only 45,292,200 model of the 1946-D nickel be hit. while that ’ sulfur a much low number than see with the 1946 Philly nickel, the number be even sufficient enough to meet the need of collector. average circulate 1946-D jefferson nickel be deserving 10 to 25 cents each, while uncirculated specimen trade for $1.25 and up. The most valuable 1946-D jefferson nickel ever deal be grade MS67 full step by PCGS and take $8,625 at auction .

1946-S Nickel Value

The rarest of the three major character of 1946 nickel bear associate in nursing “ s ” mintmark on the reverse ( tail side ) — indicate information technology ’ randomness from the San Francisco mint. The mintage of the 1946-S nickel exist precisely 13,560,000 firearm, name information technology decidedly rare than the 1946 philadelphia oregon 1946 denver nickel. ampere circulate 1946-S nickel be worth around 35 to 50 cents. Uncirculated specimen fetch about $1.25 apiece oregon more. The most expensive 1946-S jefferson nickel ever to trade hand embody graded by PCGS angstrom MS67 wax step and dominate adenine stagger kernel of $7,800.

1946 Error Nickels To Look For

while circulate 1946 jefferson nickel may not be worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate short ton of money, mistake and variety much be — and there exist many to be find among the 1946 jefferson nickel ! These exist the 1946 nickel errors you are most likely to find…

1946 Doubled Die Nickels

there aren ’ triiodothyronine any major know 1946 double die nickel worth thousand of dollar equally of this write, merely that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate entail there aren ’ metric ton minor double die that be worth at least $20 to $50. such double die along erstwhile jefferson nickel be normally see in thomas jefferson ’ s eye on the obverse ( fountainhead ’ mho side ) operating room on the reverse indium the inscription, with “ MONTICELLO ” and “ five penny ” frequently cost deuce of the good set on the turn back of the jefferson nickel to position adenine double die .

1946 Off-Center Nickel Errors

These be among the more normally found error on the 1946 jefferson nickel, though information technology ’ randomness authoritative to realize that not wholly off-center mint be deserving bad buck. yes, even those that be just one % oregon two % off-center exist technically error, merely because they ’ re so common they don ’ triiodothyronine hold much value. The most valuable off-center error constitute ten % to twenty % operating room more off-center and on adenine 1946 nickel displace be worth $25 to $50. vitamin a 1946 nickel that equal fifty % off-center merely still picture information technology dispatch date and mintmark can bring $100 or more .

1946 Nickels With Die Cracks Or Die Cuds

mistake coin with die crack oregon die cud exist in high demand, much because these weird mint express some of the most dramatic oddity. deoxyadenosine monophosphate die gap form on a die vitamin a information technology senesce, and these anomaly will look vitamin a strange arouse demote operating room fracture-like line across the mint. The respect of a die crack error will hinge on the merit of the individual mint itself, merely most much these piece be worth $5 to $10 and up. vitamin a die chew, which exist a die crack rise along the rim of the coin and appearance adenine adenine broad, flattish spot, be one of the most desirable type of die break and displace bring $100 or more .

3 Easy Ways To Find Old Nickels

If you ’ ve already receive ampere 1946 nickel in pouch switch, you ’ re credibly wonder how you can find more ! sure, you could visit your approximate coin dealer and bargain 1946 nickel from them, merely what if you don ’ t want to give more than confront respect for previous coin ? here cost three easy way to line up valuable jefferson nickel :

  1. Search bank rolls — Those who collect Jefferson nickels often have the most luck looking through bank rolls, which can be purchased at face value. A roll of nickels from any bank contains 40 coins, costs $2, and includes U.S. nickels from random years.
  2. Check vending machines — Most vending machines dispense nickels, so consider inserting the nickels you don’t want into one of these machines and then immediately hit the change return button! Usually, you’ll receive different nickels in change. Continue doing this until you find the old nickels you want.
  3. Ask friends and family — See if anybody you know who isn’t a coin collector would be willing to exchange the coins in their change jar for equal face value. Searching their change jars may yield the old nickels you’re looking for!

IMPORTANT: Do You Know The Grade Of Your Nickel?

To determine the true value of your 1946 nickel, you first want to know what condition ( oregon grade ) your coin be in. catch vitamin a coin magnifier and a replicate of the U.S. coin scaling standard record. then, vigil this television to see how to grade coins yourself at home:

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