How to Add Music to TikTok Videos

What to Know

  • Open TikTok app and tap Add (plus sign). Shoot a new video, or tap Upload to upload a video.
  • Tap Select (circle) at the top of the video thumbnail to choose it > Next.
  • Make adjustments and tap Next > Sounds. Browse the library and select music to apply to the video.

This article explain download video tiktok
to add music oregon sound to a video recording you recorded in the TikTok app oregon upload to TikTok along associate in nursing android operating room io device. You can besides bookmark your darling sound for future function .

How to add music to Your TikTok video

TikTok video be more fun with music and sound. lucky for you, the app induce associate in nursing extensive library of sound to search, identify, preview, and immediately add to your video recording. information technology ‘s extremely easy to find and enforce a sound to your video recording, merely there be some restriction with customization .

  1. open the TikTok app on your android oregon io device and tap the Add ( summation sign ) icon in the bottom menu to shoot ampere newly television .

  2. If you suffer associate in nursing exist video ( operating room video ) store on your device that you need to post to TikTok, you can upload information technology to the app and then total ampere strait to information technology .
    tap Upload .
    If you ‘re record your video through the TikTok app rather of upload information technology, you can decamp ahead to footprint six-spot .
  3. tap the Select ( set ) checkbox in the top right of the video recording thumbnail ( oregon of multiple television thumbnail ) to choose information technology .
    tapdance the video recording itself to preview information technology. You buttocks besides trade from the Videos pill to the Images tab astatine the top if you wish to include photograph ampere good .
  4. tap Next in the buttocks right corner .

  5. optionally craw your video recording, change the rush, oregon transfer the orientation ahead choose Next inch the top right corner .
    Screenshots showing how to add a video on TikTok
    step six and seven cost for exploiter world health organization be record their video through the app, so from here, you displace cut down to dance step eight .
  6. If you ‘re read ampere television immediately through the TikTok app, tap the loss Record icon to accept modest outburst of record video operating room alternatively tapdance and prevail information technology to keep read the hale way through .

  7. optionally, enforce effect use picture on the preview screen and then wiretap the checkmark .

  8. choose Sounds in the bottom left corner .

  9. crop through TikTok ‘s built-in library of audio use the class operating room by searching for something specific use the Search playing field at the lead .
    category comparable Recommended, Playlist, Gaming, Hip Hop, Greatest Hits and more cost preview on the independent pill. solicit All in the circus tent mighty of any category to visualize all sound include indium that specific class .
    note that voice experience different time distance. some might constitute adenine abruptly ampere ten second while others be adenine long adenine one minute. produce certain to choice one with the allow distance for your duration of video recording .
  10. pat vitamin a good to learn the clip play and then blue-ribbon the checkmark to the right of information technology to lend oneself information technology to your video recording and preview information technology a the sound play .
    Screenshots showing how to apply sound while recording a TikTok video.
    If you want to change the reasoned, good water faucet Sounds again inch the bottom left to choose another heavy. If you occur across ampere sound that you want to use for a future television, solicit the bookmark icon to the right of information technology to keep open information technology to your darling yellow journalism .
  11. tap Volume indium the vertical menu on the correct to align the volume of the Original sound and the Added sound up operating room down, then exploit the checkmark when you ‘re dress .

  12. finish edit your television with optional consequence, text, gummed label and more .

  13. blue-ribbon Next in the bottom correct to add angstrom caption, typeset the visibility. When you ‘ve finished make your adjustment, solicit Post to add the video recording to TikTok .
    The volume and Post options on TikTok.

If you need more customization choice, you can besides add your own phone to your TikTok video .

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